Famous Pirates

Famous Pirates - Throughout History

The act of robbery at sea is known as piracy, and those who perpetrate the robbery are known as pirates. Piracy has been around for over 2000 years and still goes on today, although the golden age of Piracy is general acknowledged as being between 1650 and 1725. During this period some of the most notorious pirates such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack were operating in the Caribbean area.

Facts about some of the more famous pirates can be found below.

Famous Pirates - Fast Fun Facts for Kids !

1: Henry Avery: Born 1659 - died unknown. Famous as one of the few pirates who retired with his plunder. More Facts about

2: Black Bart: Born 1682 - died 1722. Famous for being the most successful pirate in the 'Golden Age of Piracy'. More Facts about

3: Samuel Bellamy: Born 1689 - died 1717. Famous for the generosity and mercy he showed to the victims of his piracy. More Facts about

4: Blackbeard: Born 1680 - died 1718. Famous for being the most notorious pirate in the 'Golden Age of Piracy'. More Facts about

5: Anne Bonny: Born c1700 - died unknown. Famous as one of few women to become pirates. More Facts about

6: Benjamin Hornigold: Born c1680 - died 1719. Famous as the captain who gave Blackbeard his first captaincy and ship. More Facts about

7: Calico Jack: Born c1682 - died 1720. Famous for having two women pirates under his command. More Facts about

8: William Kidd: Born 1645 - died 1701. Famous for the treasure he is reputed to have hidden. More Facts about

9: Henry Morgan: Born c1635 - died 1688. Famous for his attacks on Spanish settlements, Morgan spent most of his life in Jamaica. More Facts about

10: Mary Read: Born Unknown - died 1721. Famous for being one of a few successful women pirates. More Facts about

11: Charles Vane: Born Unknown - died 1721. Famous for welcoming a new Governor to Providence by sending a fire ship into his small fleet. More Facts about

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